Bach Store India is an importer of Bach™ Original Flower Remedies from the United Kingdom.

We are also India's first and only online store dedicated to Bach™ Original Flower Remedies.

Bach Flower Remedies have gained immense popularity in India over the past few years, having said that it was far too difficult to find the authentic Remedies to buy. Instead users of the system had to settle with either the localised diluted Remedies or duplicate products which are cheaply available. Those who know and follow the Bach system understand the immense importance and detail Dr. Bach always gave to making the Remedies the right way. Bach Store India was launched to make the Bach™ Original Flower Remedies easily available across India so that people can gain access to the authentic Remedies.

Bach™ Original Flower Remedies is the only brand endorsed with Dr. Bach’s signature and continue to produce the full 38 remedies using Dr. Bach’s original methods, and the plants and flowers from the same sites he used.

Our Inspiration

Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach was born on September 24, 1886 in Moseley England. From 1906-1912 he studied medicine at the University College Hospital in London and trained to be a Doctor. By 1922 Dr. Bach worked in a general practice out of consulting rooms in Harley Street, having also studied bacteriology, immunology, and homeopathy during his career. Over time, he realized that people reacted differently to illness, so he wanted to treat the person as a whole rather than what they were suffering from. Dr. Bach became dissatisfied with orthodox medicine and was convinced there must be a system of healing based purely in nature. In the late 1920's he gave up his lucrative Harley Street Practice and spent many years searching for and developing his new system from non-poisonous plants and flowers.

Dr. Bach moved to Sotwell in Oxfordshire in 1934, where he lived in a small house there called Mount Vernon. It is there that he discovered the last 19 of 38 remedies in the garden and surrounding countryside. After the discovery of the 38 remedies, Dr. Bach announced his work was complete.

He died in 1936 knowing that he had completed his work by devising a simple self-help form of healing covering all aspects of human nature's moods.